We are in the middle of the hot season and although Thailand is well suited for the growth of asparagus all year round, this seems the right period for a healthy, light and refreshing lunch. Since we are also experience an over supply of eggs, what could be more appropriate than a brunch with organic poached eggs, smoked salmon and asparagus?

Asparagus have many health benefits being plenty of vitamins, folic acids and antioxidants. On the other hand these characteristics made them difficult to pair with wine, which could taste unpleasantly metallic or harsh. However there are many wines that pair very well with asparagus, especially if other ingredients in the plate bring in complementary flavors.

Domaine Louis Moreau Chablis 2018

This unoaked Chablis presents a vivid golden color; on the nose dominant floral notes of Acacia, white fruits such as pear, apple and a subtle citrus hint.

The sip is very consistent with the olfactory findings, acacia, apple and pear above all, expressing more pronounced citrus notes, mineral sensations and traces of pineapple and guava. Buttery notes from MLF in the background give a smooth and well balanced finish to the wine.

This 100% Chardonnay is a fresh and fine wine, very easy to drink thanks to the light body, refreshing acidity and fruity aromas. A sincere and enjoyable example of Chablis territory.

Roasted asparagus, smoked salmon and poached eggs.

It already sounds like the perfect hot season brunch combo, but adding a wine that balances the creamy richness of the salmon and the egg as well as highlights the flavors of the asparagus, that’s the real deal. The pairing with the Chablis does the job greatly in the purest simplicity, an harmony of simple and fine flavors well mixed together for a delicate and yummy brunch or Aperitivo.