New Zealand’s producers have been making extraordinary wines in the last decades, the perfect conditions for wine-making in several regions have inspired them to explore different grapes other than the flagship variety Sauvignon Blanc, reaching spectacular outcomes in terms of quality and distinctiveness. The majority of them are also strongly committed to sustainable practices and initiatives in the vineyards, making their products even more remarkable.

The Framingham Classic Riesling is no exemption, from hand picked grapes selected in some of New Zealand’s oldest Riesling grapevines, after the fermentation in stainless steel tanks, certain batches were stopped with some residual sugar remaining and the wine spent some months on the lees, to add texture. As a small quantity was aged in neutral wood vessels, the 2016 vintage also had a small botrytis affected component added, which is usually reserved for other wines but not this year, probably thanks to the unusual climate condition during the harvest season.

On the nose it shows floral aromas of acacia and honeysuckle along with fruit flavors of apple, apricot and white peach. The bouquet is complex, soon hints of dried apricot, ripe peach and honey appear in the glass with smoky, stony and creamy notes as well as the petrol-like character typical of Riesling development.

The sip is vibrant and intense, dominated by sweet notes of dried apricot, orange marmalade and walnut well balanced by a decent acidity and ‘‘mineral’‘ taste. It’s a pleasant harmony where resinous, nutty and honey characters merged with delicate fruit and floral flavors give a striking sweet finish to this amazing Riesling.

Nose and Palate: acacia; honeysuckle; apple, apricot; peach; honey; cream; stone; petrol; orange marmalade; walnut. An off dry style Riesling made in perfect harmony between sweetness and acidity, delicious to drink with a lovable finish.