Marlborough is the iconic land that made New Zealand wines famous worldwide, and Sauvignon Blanc is its flagship grape.

Sourced from a vineyard with wild, rocky soil the Sauvignon Blanc accounts for more than 90% of the grape varieties along with tiny amounts of Viognier and Riesling creating a wine with great fruit intensity, fine acidity for a pleasantly vibrant finish.

On the nose the first sniff is dominated by intense tropical and stone fruits, especially papaya and nectarine, well integrated with pungent floral and herbaceous notes of lemongrass, perhaps asparagus. Going back into the glass the wine shows aromas of green apple, melon and lime surrounded by a persistent scent of wet stones.

The pronounced acidity, fruit intensity and chalky texture on the palate are well integrated in a  juicy sensation made of papaya, nectarine and herbaceous flavors with subtle citrus and floral notes.

Nose and palate: papaya; nectarine; lemongrass; asparagus; green apple; melon; lime; wet stones. A wine of great fruit intensity and fine acidity for a pleasant vibrant finish.